The Internet Dictionary Project
About the IDP

The Internet Dictionary Project began in 1995 in an effort to provide a noticably lacking resource to the Internet community and to computing in general: free translating dictionaries. Not only is it helpful to the online community to have access to dictionary searches at their fingertips via the World Wide Web, it also sponsors the growth of computer software which can benefit from such dictionaries - from translating programs to spelling-checkers to language-education guides and more. By facilitating the creation of these dictionaries online by thousands of anonymous volunteers all over the Internet, and by providing the results free-of-charge to anyone, the Internet Dictionary Project hopes to leave its mark on the Internet and to inspire others to create projects which will benefit more than a corporation's gross income.

The People of the IDP

Tyler Chambers, Senior Manager
Tyler Chambers is the founder and Senior Manager of the IDP. He is responsibile for the programming, graphics, HTML, and ideas behind the IDP. Tyler may be reached by e-mail at here . Tyler is also the author of, WebChess, and was a co-author of Web Weaving: Designing and Maintaining an Effective Web Site (Tilton, Steadman, Jones, 1995), published by Addison-Wesley.

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Tyler Chambers