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There are 3 forms below. The first form lets you start a new game (and wait for an opponent) or join a waiting opponent (if there are any). The second form lets you watch any game currently in progress. The third form lets you Jump back into a game that you have been unintentionally expelled from.

To play someone who is waiting for an opponent, select their name from the list of "Waiting Players", enter your own name in the appropriate area, then press the Go! button.

If there is nobody to play against, and there are empty tables, check the Start a new game box, enter your name, and press the Go! button.

You may occaisonally want to update this screen to see if anyone else has shown up.

Things to remember

  1. Since a Web page is static, you can't receive updates of the screen without "reloading" the page.
  2. To "reload" a page, ALWAYS select a link on the current page. Using the "reload" option of your browser isn't guaranteed to work correctly, and may either generate a Token Error, or not update the information like you want.

Form 1: Sign up to play

Choose either: Please enter your name:
Please enter your email address (optional):
Please rate your playing level (so that people choosing a waiting person to play against can try and pick someone closer to their own level):

If you are using a graphical browser, you may choose between using Images or Text when displaying the chess board. Using Text will make displaying the board much faster, but is a more confusing format (in my opinion). Select either Images or Text

Form 2: Just watch

Select a match from the list below to watch, and press the Watch 'Em button to see their current board. Keep reloading the board to watch the game progress.

I want to watch:

Form 3: Use your password to re-join a game

If you were ousted from a game for some reason - Token Error 1, your computer died, your browser died, etc - you may re-join your game provided that your opponent hasn't Quit, and that your game hasn't reached the 1-hour time limit. Just enter your password below, and select the Jump In button.
What is your password:

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Tyler Chambers