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10/01/2002: The IDP Companion [>> Go]

    This is a bit of shameless self-promotion since I wrote it, but the IDP Companion is a simple, though neat, little program. Its primary purpose is to let you search through the dictionary files created by the Internet Dictionary Project (English<>French, etc.), but it can also be used to look through any tab-delimited text file for entries matching a search term. It ships with 7 different language dictionaries of varying sizes from the IDP, a volunteer dictionary-entry site (also mine) that you can add to with any text editor. You can replace any of the language files with one of your own creation (for example, names and phone numbers), and then select that language in the IDPC to search your data instead of the language data. Data files have a simple format - each line represents one entry, and a tab character separates the 2 values. In the language files, each line begins with an English word, then a tab, then the translation into the other language. Only fairly simple searches are allowed - you can either search for a whole word ("the" would find "the fish" but not "theater") or part of a word ("the" would match "the fish", "theater", "apothecary", etc.). While the IDP Companion is fairly simple, it does make a useful, though limited, translating dictionary/search program.

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