Daddy, why did you leave?
We lived with Mommy, she loved us
Took care of us
We love her
You weren't there
We didn't care
Do we yet?

You went away
Found another Mommy
Now we have a sister
We still see you
Talk to you on the phone
You send us things
But we forget.

Read the morning paper
Never drank coffee
Come home from work
And yell at me
You tell me money
Doesn't grow on trees
I knew that Daddy, but
Why did you leave?

Mommy shared us with you
Half here, half there
Where did we belong?
I love you, you stupid kid
Don't do that
Leave it alone
But Daddy, I didn't break it.

I got a letter from you
The other day
Haven't yet written back
No time
Not for you
We have separate lives, you and I
Have they crossed yet?

Will I grow up
And be like you?
I don't really know
If I want to
Don't tell me, Daddy
What I should do
Because I'll always, always,
Be your son, too.

Copyright Tyler Jones