We entered the Labyrinth with nothing
Up became down
Our breathing was hard, new
Like we had never tasted the air before
Who were we?
We didn't know.
The Labyrinth spread before us
Hidden from our sight
First a right turn, then a left
Slowly we became ourselves
Were these memories?
We didn't know.
We've been at this turn before
Did we try left or right?
Up or down?
Where was that pool - I'm thirsty
Will this take us somewhere new?
We didn't know.
It was a lifetime before we left the Labyrinth
The exit was always there
Yet we had seen but a fraction
Of the Labyrinth's walls
Others shall tread where we did not
All who enter will someday leave
We stepped out of the Labyrinth
You and I
Where had we been?
Where are we now?
We don't know.

Copyright Tyler Jones