Senior Will

I, Tyler V. Jones, being of calculus-ravaged mind and at-least-he's-not-dead body, do hereby bequeath the following on this 31 of May, 1991:

To my brothers, Carter and Mitchell - I leave you my luck and knowledge of how North works. You'll need it. Maybe let Brian H. in on it, too. Stop picking on Mr Yoder, and say Hi to Mr Kirkwood when he gets back. To Erin - I leave you my support and admiration. You can do it. To the OM team: David, John, and Jeremiah - Better luck next year. To Mr Kirkwood - I have given you just about everything I can, and enjoyed every minute of it. To Miriam - You'd better be a good parliamentarian, or I'll come back and haunt you. To David Elliot - Have fun being a senior. To the computer students of 1991-92 - I leave you Mr Smith. To the graduating class of 1992 - I leave you Mrs Thomas. To Mr Smith - I leave you the computer classes of 1991-92. To Jeff and Brian R. - I leave you guys a treasure map that leads to somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle and 2 last-class tickets on Delta Airlines. Sorry, Jeff, no rap allowed on the plane. To Mrs Opalenik, Mrs Jones, Mr Chambers, and Mr Smith, - I leave you my brothers in your future classes. To Mrs Bellock - I leave you Cameron and Anh (I don't know what to do with them). To Cameron and Anh - What don't you guys already have? To the Science Dudes - I leave you the Mill Creek Project. Be sure and let Amy splash in the creek when she feels so inclined. I also leave you the Official Mill Creek Bicycle. To Mme Humber - I leave you French 3, 5th period. To the rest of the school - I leave you the best high school in Salem, Oregon. Take good care of it - I want to be able to come back and look at it again in 10 years.

Tyler Jones, May 6, 1991