What is the Infoduct?

The Infoduct is the national or international information network that the Clinton Administration talks so much about. It was formerly known as the "Information Superhighway", but the term "Infoduct" is being introduced here as an alternative to "Info Superhighway" because of the misleading imagery and bad jokes that it produces.

Why "Infoduct"?

Infoduct is a play on the word "aqueduct", which is a method or mechanism for transporting water over long distances in order to be useful. Similarly, the emerging national or international information network will pipe information (instead of water) thousands of miles in order to deliver it directly to you (or whoever requested the information), hence "Infoduct". The term "Infoduct" is meant to become a direct replacement for the term "Information Superhighway".

Infoduct (n):

1. Name for the planned United States national information network as defined by the Clinton Administration in the mid-1990's. Previously known as the "Information Superhighway".

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