I mean, like, living here is okay, I guess. It's a hell of a lot better than those dorms they've got at the university. Man, those were so damn loud. Had to wear earplugs every night and turn up some music just so you wouldn't hear the party going on nextdoor. Actually, my neighbors were nice guys, it was down the hall that they really got bad. You know, the guys who were always drunk and playing their goddamn Bee Gees albums or whatever until like 2am every night. It really starts to wear on you. If I'd had a gun, I'dve probably killed them before the semester was over, but I didn't. Not that my roommates now have the greatest taste in music in the whole goddamn world. Some of it is okay, like the older stuff, but this goddamn They Might Be Giants, god I hate them. He's listening to them right now, on MY stereo. Ain't that the kicker? I mean, I hate the goddamn music, and he knows it, and now it's playing on my frigging stereo. I need some sort of control so that it won't even play really bad music, just chew up the CD and say "What IS this shit?!"

So I'm living in an apartment now, with my best friend from like gradeschool, and his girlfriend. They've been going out since high school, I guess that was 3 years ago. Jeez, that's a long time to have a girlfriend. At least it seems like a long time to me. I dunno, I don't think much of relationships personally. You can only go through so much of that before you just say "screw it, I don't need this". Well, that's where I'm at right now, so I'm glad and all for my friend, but I really don't care about relationships anymore. It's a 2-bedroom apartment, so it's not like I have to deal with them if I don't want to, I can always just lock myself in my bedroom and put on some really loud music and forget about them. If I want to.

They're both nice, most of the time, I guess. Her a lot less than him, especially when they're together. I always wonder why they're together. She generally treats him like shit, and he takes it. I hate seeing it, but he seems to be happy, so what can I do? She's a lot better when he's not around - she'll talk to you, and all. She knows a lot about music, and I like talking about it with her, but when he's around, you can't hardly get a straight sentence out of her. But they're not like bad roommates or anything. They're quiet, usually. I'd rather have a dog or two, though. Course, dogs don't pay 2/3 of the rent.

Yeah, living in an apartment is cheaper than living at the university - me and my friend worked it out. I mean, not if you got some really fancy place down south, but you can sure afford a bigger place than what the university gives you for cheaper. Hell, most everything's cheaper off campus than on - books, food, whatever. I mean, for 12-thousand dollars, you'd think they could give you free goddamn pencils, or something.

I like living in the apartment, but it ain't like mine, you know? It's got this overhanging shadow of "You won't be here forever", so I'm like afraid to put anything on the walls cause they'll charge us if we mark up the place. I don't know how long I'll be here. I've got a friend who I could move in with, but he's only got a 1-bedroom, and I don't think I could live with that. My roommates want to move in May, which pisses me the hell off because I'll have to find someplace to live during summer break when there's nobody the hell around cause they've all gone home to their families. And I'm gonna miss that sonofabitch when he leaves. I really am.

Tyler Jones, November 4, 1993