SunShadow Productions
SunShadow productions is a freelance Web design company that believes in bringing style and content to the World Wide Web.

SunShadow productions' services include Web page design, digital graphic design (including animated GIFs), and custom CGI programming in Perl and PHP. We build functional, creative pages that look good and get their message out.

SunShadow productions' staff been doing Web design and programming since 1996. Some of our popular and successful Web pages include:

SunShadow productions Staff:
Tyler Chambers (formerly Tyler Jones) co-authored Web Weaving: Designing and Managing an Effective Web Site (Addison-Wesley, 1995) with Eric Tilton and Carl Steadman. He also built and owns the 3 Web pages described above, which have been reviewed and mentioned in newspaper and magazine articles in the USA and Europe. The Human-Languages Page was a GNN "Best of the Net" nominee for 1995.