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In February 1999, the Internet Dictionary Project acquired a copy of A. Spiers' Dictionnaire Géneral Anglais-Français, published in 1853. The dictionary is now out of copyright, and it is our goal to re-enter its contents into a computer-usable form and make the computer files freely available to everyone.

Volunteers are needed to assist in the re-typing of the dictionary. Data entry alone will take approximately 700 hours (about one hour per page). Proofreading will take an additional 300-500 hours. With enough dedicated volunteers, we can finish this project in a few short months. Without your help, it would take years to complete. Please consider volunteering an hour or two to assist with this project.

This Web page will track the progress of the project, and the data files generated will be available for free download as they are created. The data files are free from copyright and should be considered in the public domain, able to be used for anything you can imagine. If you have a project, organization, or product that plans to use these data files, please contact us so that we can add you to our list of users.